Updated: Feb 25

To share my story effectively I must go back in time and remember the ONE DAY in other words DAY ONE of my new life.


Once I had been diagnosed, its always than necessary to start talking about what to do. They assumed it was auto-immune because there was no sign of infection. I was disappointed a little knowing how hard auto immune diseases are to treat.

Whole Body Infusion

They took out all the blood out of my body filtered out the plasma than put the plasma back in with my blood. It was a very long procedure I did 5 times every other day for 3 weeks. That did not help at all. I was doing a few therapy sessions that included daily oral chemotherapy for 6 months. In that short amount of time my hair fell out, I lost all mobility on my left side and was constantly nauseous.

Towards the end of my chemotherapy they finally got it to stop progressing. By the same time they agreed to do Monoclonal Anti Body (Rituximab) Therapy. I handled it well. During my PHD work I generated a monoclonal Ab so I know how much work it takes to make and characterize. Below is a link to a publication for GDGF derived growth factors.


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