Updated: Apr 21

I was surprised how quickly they wanted me up and out of bed.

They actually scheduled me for three hours a day to get out of bed, an hour of physical therapy, a hour of occupational therapy, and one hour of speech therapy. I learned quickly that if I wanted to walk I had to do all my therapy first. They had me walking in a harness or with a walker, because a cane was too unsteady for me at this time. I was surprised that they kept appealing to my insurance to let me stay longer at the hospital and rehab center. I guess my insurance kept approving it because I was making pretty good advancement in the rehab center. When I left the rehab center I was at least taking a few steps with my walker but it wore me out pretty quickly because I was putting all my weight on my right side.

I was told that the biggest asset to my situation was that my mind worked. This was the best way to THINK about different specific muscles that I wanted to try and move. That way my body can try to react with the power of thought and soon hopefully I can stand up straight. Another surprising thing I was told was that I was quite flexible. Even though I have not stretched for many years. That is not very common for a 60 year old to be flexible.


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